Canada has come up with an excellent idea that may just help out with the current Coronavirus pandemic happening. A company named TORONTO has decided to try and help limit the coronavirus’s strain on the healthcare system by using old shipping containers as operating rooms and intensive care units. Shipping containers are perfect for this use as they are strong, durable and keep temperature regulated. With the help of Hamilton. Ont.-based Fero International the shipping containers can be easily customized as they are specialized in this area having created containers into many different uses.

The company has now built a fully working hospital room inside of the shipping containers, these rooms can be easily used as ICU rooms which will help to increase the number of patients that can be treated and can help avoid the cancellation of other important hospital procedures.

Fero International CEO Fiorellino told CTV News that “Our hope is that the deployment of these will allow hospitals to keep going so we don’t have to shut down.”

With a potential second wave coming it is ideas such as this that will help the hospitals function better through the pandemic.

Dr Laura Hawryluck – a critical care medicine professor at the UHN made a statement “This allows us to respond very quickly to a mass casualty event or a natural disaster.”

The shipping containers help as the air pressure inside can be easily controlled to help to protect the patient. The air flow coming out is also filtered to help in preventing those getting infected outside of the containers. Fiorellino said that the units are easily transported to their destination by train or transport truck. She stated that her vision is to have the units combined to create an additional 100 beds for hospitals which are in need of the extra capacity.

We at container cabins are thrilled with the idea, we hold strong vision in the benefits of shipping containers for many uses – especially including hospitals. This shows how durable they are and how cost saving it can be for many sectors.