LOT-EK has combined six shipping containers into ‘C-home hudson’, a single-family house in hudson, new york. the two-story prefab residence features an open layout with the living room, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor, and two bedroom suites on the upper level. thanks to large glass walls, its interiors benefit from ample natural light, while the exterior is complete with a large decked terrace at the back.

‘C-home hudson’ is the first prototype of C-home, a series of prefab houses pre-designed and pre-engineered by LOT-EK. its design comprises six 40-foot /12-meter shipping containers, which together provide 1.920 square feet / 178 square meters of living space on two levels. the ground level encloses all communal spaces, such as the kitchen, living and dining rooms, while private rooms are located on the level above. each of the two bedrooms is accessible via its own staircase, and features a private bathroom and walk-in closet.

large diagonal glazing provides the interior of the home with plenty of natural light and ventilation. LOT-EK has created a decked outdoor terrace at the back, which offers additional living space surrounded by trees and greenery. additionally, an external staircase takes residents up to the green roof and deck of the house.