A man from Wakefield has come up with a caring plan to help those most vulnerable, Ajay Sharna has completed numerous fundraisers such as boxing matches to raise funds for charity in helping homeless veterans gain a home through a converted shipping container. He gave his reasons for wanting to achieve this by stating – “I kind of lost my way and when my daughters asked me why I haven’t done as much as I used to, I decided that I needed to step up. I heard of all the homeless veterans on the streets and I wanted to help them.”

Ajay has paired together with Hayden Lee who had also started a similar project in Leeds for the homeless – helping drug addicts become clean and sheltered. Ajays idea will help people have accommodation and support. Ajay is prepared to expand on his idea and hopefully open more shipping containers for homeless veterans in the future.

The idea has hit well with the public and members have decided to offer help with the project. Ajay stated “It makes you feel like you are contributing back to the nation and bact to the veterans. We hope to provide the veterans in secure accommodation so we can then provide support for them.”

Ajay is now calling for the public to help in providing land for use within Wakefield.

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