Portable Cabins have became ever more popular in this day and age and for a good reason, they are excuse the pun, Portable and make a very good resource for a lot of companies out there that need portable accomadation, storage or facilities.

32ft x 10ft Anti Vandal Open Plan Canteen

32ft x 10ft Anti Vandal Open Plan Canteen

Portable Cabins are used in a wide range of industries from School and Educational Facilities to Construction Sites and Office Buildings.
They are typically used when there are spacial constraints or building control restraints on a location or if the need for a building is temporary for example on a building site when the job is completed the portable building can be transported to the next location.
Temporary and Portable Cabins can be used for make Site Offices, Canteens, Drying Rooms, and Portable Toilet Blocks to name a few but the major advantage of these types of buildings is that they are Multi Purpose and to use that word again Portable.
If for example you are an events management company, you could buy yourself a portable cabin to house a ticket office at an event. Once the Event has finished and you move on to the next one you could have the cabin fitted out with different facilities to provide a Canteen for staff or to store some of the event furniture.

These buildings are cheap, portable, re-useable, versitile and are become the go to solution for people who want a cheap and chearful portable space for a multi purpose use.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been and continues to be an extremely high demand for accommodation cabins such as office and canteen cabins.

At present, we currently don’t have the following stock available.
• 20ft used office/canteen cabins
• 24ft used office/canteen cabins

We still have a selection of used 32ft cabins in stock that we can prepare to customers layout and specifications. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

We also still have a large selection of varieties of used toilet block cabins, some with showers and drying rooms etc. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

We also can provide shipping containers in most sizes (new & used) with quick delivery. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

Please note, lead times for used 32ft office/canteen cabins and used toilet blocks etc is approx 6-8 weeks from date of order at present.

We are still manufacturing all types and sizes of NEW built to order cabins with a current lead time of approx 22 weeks from date of order. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

We appreciate your patience and hope to have all used cabin stock available in the the near future.

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