An application for another shipping container village has been submitted – in plans that shipping containers provide retail and leisure facilities. The plans are for the shipping containers to open on the site of a recently closed food business, Laider’s yard on Double Row in Seaton Delaval. The grocers had gone into liquidation after 107 years in May which was down to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Dan Miller, who was responsible for the £20million 112 container crate park located in North Tyneside would also like to lead this project for Laider’s Market Garden. With the main focus being on providing new opportunities for those wishing to establish new business enterprises, specifically focused on smaller food operators.

The plan is for there to be seven containers which would be designed with a green walling, brick and timber to create a walled garden effect, there would also be 46 parking spaces provided on the site. The plan is to also offer very flexible terms as well as business development support.

The idea of this project remains exciting especially in these times where the country has taken a large economic hit, especially for business owners. This will be sure to help in creating opportunities and jobs for people in the Northumberland region hardest hit by the current circumstances happening. It has been estimated that the site will employ in the region of 80 full and part time staff.

It is an exciting opportunity for the UK as with opening the jobs market and creating numerous jobs as a way of boosting the economy – we at container cabins certainly think that this idea could prove beneficial across more places in the UK.