A new Idea from chef Tim Love involves shipping container cabins on the Trinity River.

Celebrity chef Tim Love is cooking up a new idea for his restaurant Gemelle – his Italian restaurant off White Settlement Road by the West Fork of the Trinity River. Love wants to introduce a micro hotel using the back portion of the Gemelle lot, currently used for outdoor garden seating.

Sounding quite the opposite of luxurious, the chef informed Fort Worths zoning commission that the nine white cedar-clad containers would feature high end amenities and the rent would cost $200 a night. His idea was that the small cabins would give visitors a unique river focused experience near the heart of the city.

Love quotes I want to do nothing but impact the river in a very positive way.

Seemingly accepted by zoning commissioners they did not appear to have any issues with the idea of placing shipping containers along the river which is opposite the Idlewind neighborhood.

We at Container Cabins quite frankly believe a shipping container hotel would be a fantastic idea and would bring a different experience for the guests. As of recent times shipping container hotels keep popping up across the globe. The idea of transforming vessels originally designed to transport cargo into accommodations are completely eco-friendly, small, affordable and efficient. Offering an interesting and fun alternative to traditional lodging.

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