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Mick Wright asks me not to give the exact location of his double-storey shipping-container home because of the “paparazzi”. That’s what he calls the gawkers who pull up outside to take pictures. “I’ve had to lock the gates,” he says. In fact you’d have to be quite the shipping container boffin to identify them in some of the elaborate homes that they’re being fashioned into these days. Market Watch projects the use of shipping containers in homes will have a global compound annual growth rate of 6.5% from 2019 to 2025. In Australia, Facebook groups such as Aussie Shipping Container Homes and Shipping Container Homes Australia have sprung up, serving as wells of shared information. In her report A New Kind of Cocoon: Mapping the Home of Tomorrow, futurist and trend-spotter Faith Popcorn identifies a kind of dwelling that’s small, part-time and transient, reflecting our digital nomadism. But while single-unit shipping containers can serve as tiny homes, movable from one site to another, many builders are thinking more ambitiously.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been and continues to be an extremely high demand for accommodation cabins such as office and canteen cabins.

At present, we currently don’t have the following stock available.
• 20ft used office/canteen cabins
• 24ft used office/canteen cabins

We still have a selection of used 32ft cabins in stock that we can prepare to customers layout and specifications. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

We also still have a large selection of varieties of used toilet block cabins, some with showers and drying rooms etc. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

We also can provide shipping containers in most sizes (new & used) with quick delivery. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

Please note, lead times for used 32ft office/canteen cabins and used toilet blocks etc is approx 6-8 weeks from date of order at present.

We are still manufacturing all types and sizes of NEW built to order cabins with a current lead time of approx 22 weeks from date of order. (PLEASE CONTACT US)

We appreciate your patience and hope to have all used cabin stock available in the the near future.

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