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When one thinks of a house in the Hamptons, they usually picture a beach-front McMansion with large shingle roofs and endless windows. These colossuses often contain innumerable bathrooms and bedrooms; all aptly fitted out with country-style wainscoting and ornamental fixtures. This all too real illustration isn’t complete without a three-car garage, sprawling lawns, tennis courts, and Olympic-sized pools; as if adjacent ocean beaches weren’t enough when it comes to swimming.

Though this trope tends to describe what most homeowners and seasonal renters have come to expect from a summer house in Sagaponack or Montauk, the South Fork of Long Island boasts far more architectural diversity than this timeworn cliche might suggest. While a return to mid-century modernism has spawned a number of recent developments and wild postmodern statement piece by Norman Jaffe and Ricard Meier stand as jarring reminders of a bygone era, few Hamptons-based projects have sought to push-the-bill when it comes to dealing with a restrained budget.

Set on a wooded elevation near Amagansett’s bay-front, this compact house was designed by local firm MB Architecture for a client with a modest brief. Making the most of the triangular property’s perch and sunset views, the firm implemented a sparing, LEGO-like scheme that incorporates a great room, a kitchen, four bedrooms, and three shared bathrooms; all within 1800 square-feet of shipping containers.