As we know, construction sites are of course temporary and shipping containers are the very best use for when a workplace requires something portable with plenty of storage space. Security and durability are required also on sites and this is exactly what a shipping container can bring. A shipping container can also bring adequate heating, comfort, cooling facilities and hygienic washrooms to your site as well. It can also create a space which your workers can rest and have meetings with visitors.

Shipping containers are trending in cargotecture – inspiring designers and engineers to produce eye catching and useful buildings. Shipping containers have been used in a wide variety of sectors not just construction sites but also schools, clinics, restaurants, and much more!

Ways in which our shipping containers can provide good use for any construction site are:

Storage – Construction sites will more than likely always have expensive machines and technology which can’t be left unsecure as they may be stolen. Shipping containers are steel and are easily locked to keep equipment safe. You can also store oils and fuel in shipping containers to prevent any leakages.

Office space – Create a temporary spacious office with one of our shipping containers. They can be customised to provide a great space for meetings, waiting rooms or lunch spaces.

Temporary housing – Sometimes staff must remain on site 24/7, a shipping container can provide a great solution for cheap and temporary housing. They can also be equipped with hygienic toilets.

Recreational space – Construction workers need breaks and it is not safe for them to sit among machines and tools, you can provide a safe canteen with one of our containers and even add in some sleeper cabins to the site.

Keeping in mind the durability, versatility, cost-effectiveness and mobility of shipping containers, they are an ideal solution for every construction site. You can quickly set up the building you need that follows the required state and federal safety laws and OSHA guidelines. If used innovatively, there are infinite ways in which shipping containers can be configured for use at a construction site.

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