Shipping container homes will be provided as emergency accommodation by Cornwall Council for people needing help during the coronavirus crisis.

The council is setting up modular housing for people who need accommodation on its own land in Truro and Penzance.

Explaining the scheme to councillors in a newsletter council leader Julian German said that ten homes would be provided.

He said: “Providing safe homes for those in emergency need during these unprecedented times is a priority for the council.

“As part of the response to the COVID–19 pandemic, we’re planning to provide temporary self-contained homes on council land in Truro and Penzance. The modular-style homes, similar to those that have been successfully used in other areas for some time to provide temporary emergency accommodation, will be sited on council-owned land.

“The plan is to put in place up to ten self-contained units plus one other for the manager of the temporary development so that support is readily available for residents.

“Each new home will be provided with all the utilities needed, including electricity, so that those in need of temporary accommodation can move in quickly and be able to look after themselves during this time of social distancing and self-isolation.

“The homes will be allocated to those in need of emergency self-contained temporary housing, including, for example, people who have previously been living in bed-and-breakfast accommodation with shared facilities. The project may also provide emergency accommodation for anyone that’s made homeless during the period of the pandemic.”

It is the latest in a number of initiatives that the council has launched in response to the pandemic.

A number of affordable homes which the council had built but which had not been let or sold have been made available to people needing emergency accommodation.

Local businesses have worked with the council to ensure that the homes also have furniture and appliances for their temporary residents.