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Search “sustainable” on Google and you will find basic definitions of the word. Make it “sustainable living” and you will see millions of suggestions for eco-friendly living, going green, organic growing, or any other environmental efforts. There is a wake-up call to go sustainable because climate change is real no matter what skeptics say.

Here on DLMAG, we don’t just feature stories about luxurious living, techie stuff, the latest cars, and entertainment. We also value the planet Earth and so we share with whatever we find interesting on the ‘Green’ front. We remember the following features: Verdeat Modular Home Gardening System for Better Living, the Brandless Travel Collection, the plant-based Reebok Forever Floatride GROW pair, PHOENX Modular Suitcase, and the GoSun Flatware.

When it comes to sustainable living, we have also discovered interesting projects like the DIY tiny cabin, Tiny House with a solar power system, McConaughey’s eco-friendly cabin in Australia, EscapeSpace, and the self-assembled NOMAD Micro Homes’ Tiny House. There are more similar projects out there in different parts of the world but the latest that caught our attention is the Squirrel Park situated in Oklahoma City.

Sustainable Living Courtesy of Shipping Container

Squirrel Park is a sustainable living community of shipping containers that were turned into houses. Each container provides decent living conditions to anyone willing to live sustainably. There are a total of 16 shipping containers within the community. They are now homes complete with amenities that are eco-friendly. Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) designed the containers to become homes for families. The 16 containers are now four single-family houses in a community filled with lush landscape. The small shipping container community cost a total of $1.8 million to finish and it was done in 2018. There are also carports that lead to a central green space. There are no solar panels installed yet but there is plenty of space to set up a system.

Goodwill Community Goes Green

As much as we want to invite you to try living in Squirrel Park, you can’t just yet.  It is currently owned by a client who also owns a local restaurant. He’s known in the community for hiring formerly incarcerated people.

The owner lives in the property in one of the homes while the other three will be rented out at “competitive market rates”. He wants to give back to society and so the small eco-friendly village is one way. There is a nice communal green area inside the park that features plants, benches, and a fountain. Everything is “green” here from the design to the materials used to the principles used to make everything sustainable and environment-friendly. Check out the gallery below and you will see how well-designed the Squirrel Park is. It is one sustainable community that we think must be copied by many others.



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