Weather and seasonal changes can make things hard in the construction industry. In the winter, the snow, slush, and freezing temperatures seep into your bones. If it’s raining, your construction site gets wet and muddy, making your job harder and possibly compromising your equipment.

Although changing the weather is out of our reach, preparing for it doesn’t have to be. That’s where having a reliable and modified shipping container comes in even the sturdiest buildings can be compromised by weather, especially by mold and leaks. Less sturdy buildings like mobile options experience even more weather-related damage. However, shipping containers are built to withstand even the most intense weathering. They are used every day to transport and protect expensive and irreplaceable equipment from weathering and damage at sea during storms in transit. That’s what makes them the perfect option to create a portable office. Additionally, many standard 20-foot shipping containers will come with no seams, which means no leaks like you might get in a modular portable office.

Cutting Costs with Modified Containers

Shipping containers often can be customized and modified to meet your specific office needs. That’s why they are perfect for projects that only take a couple of months to complete. After all, there’s no need to set up a semi-permanent office space for projects of that scope.The options for modifying shipping containers are essentially endless. These can include options like additional restrooms, break rooms, and more. Although some construction companies prefer renting mobile office trailers or RVs for their sites, if you think about it, those options can’t be customized without breaking your budget. You should also be able to find extended rental options, in case you may need the container for more than one job. While the cost will rise as you extend your rental period, you may be able to get contractual discounts, and it’s also worth peace of mind knowing that your customized office space will be on hand for the long-term.

Mobility Means Flexibility

Portable offices come in modular varieties. Though this allows for a larger work area, they can be difficult when it comes to transportation. With shipping containers, you don’t have that problem because they were designed for transit. They travel in one piece, stack well, and fit on a trailer with ease. You should also ensure you’ll have access to a driver to transport your shipping container for you. From the day you order to the day you finish your project, ensure that your temporary office needs are taken care of so that you can focus on what’s most important, your project, and your crew.

Additional Possible Uses of Shipping Containers

I’m sure the first thought that comes to mind when you think of a shipping container is a plain 20-foot steel box, right? That may work for specific projects, but construction teams often need something much more customized. That is one of the most popular mobile office options, but the truth is they are used for so much more than just that. Shipping containers have been used for all sorts of purposes throughout the years. Here’s a brief history guide if you’re curious. They can serve as restrooms, locker rooms, fire training facilities, and even hunting cabins. There’s no need to settle with mass-produced options when you can customize them to create exactly what you need.