It is no surprise that exports and imports remain a big contributor to the revenue percentage of most of the world’s economies. Most think of shipping containers as just importing and exporting many goods this is certainly not the case as you will find. Below we have compiled a few interesting container facts – you will come to read that they aren’t the boring metal boxes you thought them to be!

The first shipping container was created by Malcom Mclean in 1955, the purpose was to create a more efficient way of shipment handling. He even gave away the patent for free so everyone could use them.
Interesting that 50% of all shipping containers are owned by shipping companies, the rest are leased.
A sealed container can sustain a temperature, this is especially the case for reefer containers – they remain very efficient in keeping temperature constant even without refrigerators!
It takes 15,000 shipping containers to contain 745 million bananas!
When properly cared for a shipping container can last for over 30 years.
Not just for shipping – as they are so durable, shipping containers have been utilised for offices, swimming pools, shops, clinics, classrooms and restaurants.

Innovative ideas for shipping containers:

On the subject of containers not only being used for shipping we have decided to add in just some of the most innovative ideas that shipping containers provide use for.

Retail – In London there is a very popular shopping centre called Boxpark which primarily contains containers as shops! We are in favour as with this concept you can easily decorate and stand out from the rest with this quirky aspect.
Restaurants and cafes – Containers remain very spacious and can hold temperatures very well – great for creating a food van style restaurant.
Emergency clinics – lately because of covid-19 containers are now being used as mini testing centres.
A home – More people are now using containers for living spaces, they provide a low cost and eco friendly home for many.
Work space – As well as a work shed in the garden you can also get yourself a nice spacious work office from a container, they remain well insulated and durable providing a low cost space ideal for an office.