Estudio Lapinha by Plano Livre interior
Henrique Queiroga

As the architects explain, they aimed for a cost-effective, yet aesthetically pleasing design overall:

“The construction process guided the project. Two container modules were attached laterally, their industrialized components exposed without camouflage. The hydraulics are concentrated in one wall, creating the infrastructural module. This strategy, apart from reducing costs, frees the rest of the space. Therefore, the other container is a flexible, indeterminate module, a free plan, which, in this edition, receives Estúdio Lapinha’s furniture.”1

Many of the furnishings like the couch and storage unit were custom-made with durable, marine-grade plywood, which was then sealed to maintain the wood’s natural beauty.

Estudio Lapinha by Plano Livre interior
Henrique Queiroga

Much of the storage consists of open shelving made with black-painted metal rods, which lend a modern look, besides allowing the occupant to display their belongings for easy access.

Estudio Lapinha by Plano Livre bed
Henrique Queiroga

The color scheme implemented reveals a kind of color-coding to help differentiate the various spaces inside. Earthy, terracotta-like oranges tint the kitchen area, while the vibrant green of the main living spaces echoes the colors of the exterior. All in all, the colors help the structure blend into its natural environment, giving the otherwise boxy form a sense of groundedness.

Estudio Lapinha by Plano Livre living room
Henrique Queiroga

The blue-toned bathroom is well-designed, as it has been divided up into three zones so that it can be used by more than one person at a time if needed. For instance, the toilet is sectioned off in its own room, while the sink occupies the central zone, allowing users to wash their hands easily. The shower is in its own room off to the side, and also connects to the exterior deck via another glazed side door.

Estudio Lapinha by Plano Livre bathroom
Henrique Queiroga

Much of the spacious feeling of the project can be attributed to its use of large glass doors that can open up wide to welcome the exterior in, and the inclusion of a wooden deck and another outdoor lounge area with two nets.

Estudio Lapinha by Plano Livre deck
Henrique Queiroga

According to the design team, there was little to no waste from the relocation and reassembly process. The idea here was to create a prototype that is modular, low-cost, and able to respond to a variety of sites, say the architects:

“In addition to being a single physical space, the project embraces the idea of generating a system. For this reason, Estúdio Lapinha is a prototype that can be expanded, replicated, and implanted in other contexts. Different arrangements of containers create different spaces for different experiences to be lived there.”


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