Wiercinski studio based in Poznan in Poland have decided to use timber boxes and recycled shipping containers to construct a temporary public space. This is designed specifically for the Kontenerart arts and culture initiative in 2019. This will be based in an area between the city’s old gasworks and the popular wartostrada cycle path.

The containers house a meeting room, gallery, music shop, workshop, food outlets, an office, warehouses and toilets. There will also be a stage set up for concerts and artistic events which will be enclosed with wooden boxes, seats and shading devices. To create a safe space the containers are set up in a way to ensure a safe distance is kept between the area and the busy cycle path. Some of the containers are topped with a 3229 ft2 roof terrace, overlooking wonderful landscape such as the cathedral and rivers.

To reduce overheating inside of the containers and create a fresh appearance the containers are painted white ensuring also they remain clearly visible from the beach area. The area of Kontenerart remains a highly rated urban area mainly built up of recycled shipping containers. Including wheel chair friendly paths, to create dimensions which can be reused in a different arrangement or location.

This just highlights the benefits and diversity of shipping containers, they can create some fantastic spaces for many different uses such as offices, classrooms, clinics and even proving to be popular retail and restaurant spaces. At Container Cabins we supply a wide range suitable for any use just contact us on the contact tab and we will help you select which container may suit your needs.