Shipping Containers Used To Create Eco-friendly Homes And Commercial spaces

Jessica Lewis has set a mission to help make the world a better place, focusing on climate change and reducing global warming. She feels it is down to us to make the changes in bettering the planet’s future. In today’s world there is great difficulty in maintaining a balance between economic prosperity and ecosystem viability – with most of today’s focus being on profit making.

Jessica Lewis founded Mobu Enterprises – a well renowned green construction firm that as of recent has began to shape residential and commercial spaces in the US and the world with Ibrahim Smith.

With a background in Psychology having graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Pennsylvania State University, Lewis went on from there to pursue a Masters degree in Business Management from Colorado Technical University. Lewis is originally from Philadelphia, moving on to Macon, Georgia and pioneered two businesses – Real Solutions For Real People and Entrepreneurial Spotlight. All before starting Mobu today!

Lewis set a goal to create green spaces – grounded on its core principle of sustainability using eco friendly materials which are fireproof, windproof and waterproof through her company Mobu Enterprise. The idea came into existence as her team of architects and designers realized that many people struggle to recover after natural disasters. This is where her idea of using shipping containers came up. Her team had previously used shipping containers and realised their durability benefits.

Shipping containers fit the company’s ideals and values as they help in reducing the impact on our planet – making them ideal to withstand natural disasters. They pose a great benefit in turnaround time also in comparison to traditional construction. Shipping containers are also tailored to meet the needs of today, tomorrow and future generations!

Lewis told VoyageATL in an interview – “We take a traditional container that’s typically used for transportation of goods across sea and recycled them for residential and commercial use as a living or working space.”

Mobu Enterprises holds over 40 years of experience in operations, construction and development in restoring communities – by using shipping container designs and spaces to educate, advocate and improve the environment. Providing also that shipping containers are 30-40% cheaper than traditional construction. Lewis states that the company donates proceeds from its annual earnings to non-profits globally because they want to impact lives locally and globally the best way they can.

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