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Shipping Container office Block Plan For Cardiff

Shipping Container office Block Plan For Cardiff

Womanby street located in Cardiff is set for a four storey shipping container office block on the site of the street’s car park - well known for its hub of live music and entertainment in the city centre. The plans highlight that the box office development will be...

Southampton Car Park Shipping Container Scheme

Southampton Car Park Shipping Container Scheme

There are plans to transform a Southampton car park into a development of converted shipping containers for retailers, food outlets, bars and offices which is set to be approved. The application is seeking a five-year temporary permission for the project on College...

Shipping Container Cabin Hotel

Shipping Container Cabin Hotel

A new Idea from chef Tim Love involves shipping container cabins on the Trinity River. Celebrity chef Tim Love is cooking up a new idea for his restaurant Gemelle - his Italian restaurant off White Settlement Road by the West Fork of the Trinity River. Love wants to...


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