Mover Box

£1,950.00 + Vat

MOVER BOX- The compact and handy container for removal companies, construction sites and the industry!

The newly patented Mover Box offers ideal protection against fire or water hazards. This steel container is fire and water proof. The Mover Box can be safely stored outside when you fit a padlock.

Real tests carried out by an independent Fire Research Institute have shown that any fire breaking out inside a Mover Box whilst the doors are closed, will stop within a few minutes and will not spread to other containers due to the special fire protection strips.

Inside Length 2040mm, Width 1500mm, Height 2200mm

Outside Length 2200 mm, Width 1600 mm, Height 2445 mm

Weight 450 kg

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    Container information

    Weight 450 kg
    Dimensions 2200 × 1600 × 2445 cm