Shipping Container Specifications

Information on container specifications are listed here

Here we show a chart of all of the container specifications we provide. Container Cabins have a wealth of experience in anything to do with Cabins, Site Cabins, Portable Offices, Shipping Containers and Storage Containers.
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External Container Specifications
Container Length10ft (3.05m)20ft (6.09m)30ft (9.14m)40ft (12.19m)
Container Width8ft (2.44m)8ft (2.44m)8ft (2.44m)8ft (2.44m)
Container Height:
Standard8ft 6ins (2.59m)8ft 6ins (2.59m)8ft 6ins (2.59m)8ft 6ins (2.59m)
High Cube9ft 6ins (2.9m)9ft 6ins (2.9m)9ft 6ins (2.9m)9ft 6ins (2.9m)
Internal Container Specifications
Container Length10ft (3.05m)20ft (6.09m)30ft (9.14m)40ft (12.19m)
Internal Length9ft 2ins (2.97m)19ft 3ins (5.87m)29ft 4ins (8.94m)39ft 4ins (11.99m)
Internal Width7ft 7ins (2.31m)7ft 7ins (2.31m)7ft 7ins (2.31m)7ft 7ins (2.31m)
Internal Height:
Standard7ft 9ins (2.36m)7ft 9ins (2.36m)7ft 9ins (2.36m)7ft 9ins (2.36m)
High Cube8ft 9ins (2.67m)8ft 9ins (2.67m)8ft 9ins (2.67m)8ft 9ins (2.67m)
End Door Aperture Width7ft 8ins (2.37m)7ft 8ins (2.37m)7ft 8ins (2.37m)7ft 8ins (2.37m)
End Door Aperture Height:
Standard7ft 5ins (2.26m)7ft 5ins (2.26m)7ft 5ins (2.26m)7ft 5ins (2.26m)
High Cube8ft 5ins (2.57m)8ft 5ins (2.57m)8ft 5ins (2.57m)8ft 5ins (2.57m)
Floor Area72sq ft (6.69m²)150sq ft (13.94m²)227sq ft (21.09m²)305sq ft (28.34m²)
Cubic Capacity:
Standard560cu ft (15.86m³)1160cu ft (32.85m³)1760cu ft (49.84m³)2360cu ft (66.83m³)
High Cube630cu ft (17.84m³)1310cu ft (37.09m³)1985cu ft (56.21m³)2660cu ft (75.32m³)
Weight1.5 tons (1450kg)2.2 tons (2230kg)2.8 tons (2840kg)3.3 tons (3950kg)

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