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  • Second hand shipping containers and storage containers for sale.
  • New containers for sale for shipping or for storage uses
All our 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 40ft units are for sale for UK wide delivery.
Our quality shipping containers are ideal for static storage, for conversions as well as for shipping, all of our shipping containers for sale are cargo worthy and in excellent condition. They are also structurally sound and water tight and are perfect for static storage. We provide an expert container service including bespoke container conversion.

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The shipping containers we sell are strong enough to cope with shipment, storage, and handling furthermore they range from large steel boxes that can be reused to the normal corrugated boxes.

At Container Cabins Ltd we offer quality shipping containers at very competitive prices to our customers and you can select a container below and get an exact quote or you can complete the quote form and obtain a completely bespoke quote for any specific size, style and use of container.

Call on 0151 353 7470 or  email for a friendly personal service.

We can supply all our customers with containers of any suitable length for your project or storage needs – whether 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 15ft, 25ft, 30ft or more… also we can supply you with Flat Pack Containers as a choice as well. If you are looking for a vandal proof container then we can either source a container ready made or we can convert a shipping container of your choice.

We offer competitive quotes and low cost delivery options.



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    Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Containers

    1. What is a shipping container?

    A shipping container is a strong container which is used generally for shipment, storage and handling.
    Shipping containers range from 40ft plus steel boxes used for shipping to small 8ft plus containers and shipping container boxes. “Container” or “shipping container” is also known as intermodal freight container – which is a large standardized shipping container, designed and built for intermodal freight transport.

    2. How heavy are the shipping containers?

    Our shipping containers vary subject to size and they range from two tonne to five tonne (empty).


    Container Length 10ft (3.05m) 20ft (6.09m) 30ft (9.14m) 40ft (12.19m)
    Weight 1.5 ton (1450kg) 2.2 ton (2230kg) 2.8 ton (2840kg) 3.3 ton (3950kg)