Designers at pin-up houses repurposed a discarded shipping container and fit it out with the most available building materials and latest technology to design a unique build your own self-sufficient housing unit. it was designed as a response to the difficult challenges that the planet is facing and as an alternative housing that will have a less negative impact on the environment.

the shipping container ‘gaia’ is an experimental off-the-grid housing project by pin-up houses. one of its main features is that it harnesses solar and wind energy and therefore doesn’t rely on external sources of energy or water. it is equipped with solar panels, as well as a wind turbine, ensuring that batteries can be charged at all times of the day and all seasons. battery levels are monitored through a remote, mobile app, so one can always check their battery consumption and charging while away.

the house is made up of a marine HC 6 m container. wooden studs and spruce plywood create the entire interior where the inner walls are sprayed with thermal insulation, ensuring a cozy home. for an added protection to this experimental house, the container roof is covered with a galvanized corrugated metal sheet, which cleverly extends out beyond the structure to increase the rainwater catchment area that is ultimately collected in a 1,000-IBC tank.

‘gaia’ is also equipped to retain rainwater, which is filtered and distributed to the bathroom and kitchen. it comes with a refrigerator, water heater, and other 12 v and 24 v appliances according to the person’s needs. a higher voltage of 110 v to 230 v can be generated using an inverter. pin-up houses always feature smart storage space, a convertible sofa-bed, compact stools, and tables. for added privacy and security, the outdoor terrace can easily be folded to close the container using the winch.

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